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In order to get a good natural treatment for hair regrowth, one needs to make sure that they catch their hair loss at an incredibly early stage.

Hair loss occurs in a very formulaic manner. Natural hair loss (where the hair grows back and is not permanent) has its own life cycle. The hair grows for approximately 3 to 5 years. Eventually the hair starts to get a little old for its nutrients and runs out, with a new hair growing in its place.

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) speeds up this process considerably by blocking the nutrients that are needed to make sure that the hair is healthy at all. Then, when the hair falls out, it grows back weaker because it is still without the necessary nutrition to be healthy. Finally, the new hairs start to get so weak that they simply die and do not grow back every again.

Because this process is so sped up, a natural treatment for hair regrowth needs to be started as early as possible because there is simply no time to lose. Any natural treatment for hair regrowth is only useful when they can be used before the hair has fallen out permanently (when it is still in its weakened state). There are several ingredients that make it possible for these natural treatments to work effectively - for example, a good natural treatment will have ginseng and Zinc that are both incredibly useful for bringing strength back to your hair (so that when you start treating the DHT you can gain some strength back in your hair). But, again, it is necessary that you still have these hairs in order for them to be stronger. If the follicle has already permanently fallen out, this can become a far more difficult task.

Stopping DHT early is important for any natural treatment for hair regrowth. It is clear that for some ingredients to work (like ginseng and zinc for example) there need to be hairs still left in order for the ingredients to help the hair grow stronger and healthier. Without those hairs, there is nothing to fix, and while other ingredients like Saw Palmetto will still help stop DHT and prevent further hair loss, they can only prevent hair loss for hairs that are still on your head. Any hairs that are no longer growing are going to remain unaffected.

The best natural treatment for hair regrowth is known as Procerin and can be found at, but even though Procerin is the best, it still needs to be started as early as possible.

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