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The Benefits of Using an Herbal Hair Regrowth Treatment

The first signs of male pattern baldness usually begin to show up between the ages of 20 and 45. The main cause is the build up of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone ), which is a male hormone that comes from testosterone.

Hair loss can be discouraging, especially to men who are health conscience. Men who want to be healthy, feel healthy, and look healthy, often think they look less healthy with less hair. This can dampen their self confidence, and the self esteem many men need in order to feel healthy, can be damaged.

There is a way to change this problem, and restore self confidence, self esteem, become healthier, and grow a new, healthy head of hair. Using an herbal hair regrowth treatment will not only stop the hair from falling out, but help new hair to grow.

An herbal hair regrowth treatment will offer many vitamins, minerals, and herbs. The ingredients will include such things as Saw Palmetto extract (lowers levels of DHT), Nettle Root Extract (rich in A and C vitamins, many minerals, and healthy lipids), magnesium (works with the calcium in your body to promote more hair growth), zinc (helps cells reproduce, aids in vitamin absorption, and keeps hormones balanced), and many other trace minerals and vitamins.

Using an herbal hair regrowth treatment will also ensure that you avoid all the adverse side effects that all of the prescribed and over the counter medications have to offer; sexual dysfunction, lack of desire, allergic reactions, and the possibility that you would have to take other medicines to fix the side effects.

Using an herbal hair regrowth treatment will has many benefits the other options don't offer, without all the negatives they might offer. Choose an herbal treatment that's right for you.

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