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2 Necessities of a Female Hair Regrowth Treatment

Ideally, any good female hair regrowth treatment is going to have two things that make it a good option for anyone interested in looking for some sort of product to treat their hair loss:

  • Safe
  • Effective

Obviously no female hair regrowth treatment can be considered good if it is not effective. But at the same time, it is arguably a good idea to take a slightly less effective treatment if the effective one is not as safe.

3 Types of Treatments
There are three types of female hair regrowth treatments that are most often used to stop early female pattern baldness. All of these have varying levels of effectiveness, and all three of them have varying levels of safety.

Pharmaceutical Treatments

There are a number of pharmaceutical treatments for women’s hair loss. These use lab created chemicals to mess with your body chemistry in order to make sure that your hair starts to grow again. These medicines work very well, because they were designed in a lab to work well. At the same time, however, they are not very safe and also may cause side effects in both the short and long term.

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are another type of female hair regrowth treatment. Since they were not developed for the purpose of treating hair loss they are not quite as effective as pharmaceutical treatments, but they do help improve the hormones in a woman’s body, which is one of the ways to help your hair grow back. However, these, too, have some side effects including an increased risk of heart attack and, of course, if you are trying to get pregnant these are clearly not for you.

Natural Supplements

The final type is natural supplements. These are the completely safe methods with no side effects at all. These are interesting as well, because there are treatments that are as effective as the pharmaceutical medicines, but others are significantly less effective than even birth control pills. It is somewhat of a mixed bag, which is why you cannot simply pick one that looks interesting – you need to pick one that you know works.

Sephren is one of the only natural supplements that are both safe and powerful with no trade off. While almost every other female hair regrowth treatment requiring you choose between safe and effective, Sephren has managed to continue to stay a step above the rest.

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