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Getting older has many challenges: changes to your body, your eyesight, and maybe even your hairline. Hair loss doesn't only happen to old people though. Many people begin losing hair while in their twenties, the prime of life.

There are many options for hair regrowth treatment, some better than others, but all with the common goal of helping you begin growing hair again.

Hair Transplant Surgery:

This option is expensive and is considered a major surgery. The full, real hair follicle is transplanted down to the root. This makes it not only look like you have real hair, but you really do. There are also transplants using artificial fiber hair. Artificial hair doesn't feel or look exactly like real hair, but may last longer than real hair that has been transplanted.

Dietary Changes and Exercise:

Making sure you eat a diet full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals will make it easier to halt hair loss, and begin to grow more hair. Exercise, though not proven to increase hair growth, does increase blood flow and circulation, making it more likely that hair will grow more and fall out less.

Detoxifying and Cleansing:

Toxins building up can be one reason for losing hair. If you detoxify, you are ridding your body of the toxins, and possibly bringing back growth.


There are medicines to help your body block DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). This is the hormone which is one cause of male pattern baldness. There are some side effects to the medications available. They include sexual side effects, allergic reactions, and testicular pain.

Massage and Aromatherapy:

Massaging the scalp increases blood flow, which makes it more likely that new hair will grow. Aromatherapy can be used in combination with massage, using oils such as lavender and bay. This will have a relaxing effect, as well as increase circulation.

Herbal Supplements and Remedies:

There are supplements that are made with a combination of herbs and minerals, meant to increase hair regrowth and halt hair loss. These natural supplements have little or no side effects. The only reported side effect is with the topical cream irritating the scalp of some people, and that means only using it once a day. There are also oral herbal, all natural supplemental pills you can take.

Whatever you choose hair regrowth treatment you choose, you are more likely to begin growing hair if you incorporate diet, exercise, proper rest, and improving your overall health, into your daily regimen.

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